Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Soapy 'stenders

Dear Barry,

Being a Cockney from the East End of London - I would like the BBC to create some kind of Soap Opera based on my Kind - I was thinking "Cockney's who are from the East End of London" myself - What do you think ? You could show it on BBC1 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursdays and Friday (between say, 19.30 -> 20.30 depending on days) and show repeats at around 22:00 on BBC3 - Maybe show a complete set on Sunday Lunch times.

Knees 'Arp Mova Brairn
Regards A Moon

I have once again been in touch with my contacts at BBC and they have the following to say: "We are not sure a program such as this would ever take off - after all, who ever heard of such a thing as a 'soap opera'. However, we are willing to give it a go and we will either call it 'Eastenders' (ridiculous name, I know) or your excellent suggestion of 'Cockneys from the East End of London' which I personally think is much more catchy. We hope people will watch it."


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