Monday, October 18, 2004

The real record breakers?

Dear Barry Took,

I was recently watching a program on BBC3 called "The Real Little Britain". It was quite enjoyable to laugh at the general commonness of people on it. Anyhow, the part I would like to compalin about is the man breaking world records. If these records are real, how come they are not on Steve's World Records page? Answer me that? Balancing eggs on the back of the hand? Fake. He was a cheat and fraud and he diminishes the achievements of all us true record breakers."

Yours angrily,

I have contacted BBC3 who have responded thus: "All records featured on 'The Real Little Britain' are contained in the Guinness Book of Records, which I understand is a different (and some would say inferior) record compendium to Steve's World Records. We in no way wish to diminish your amazing and super human records gained. Please accept our grovelling apologies."


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