Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Wise Welsh words

Dear Bazza,

Why, oh why, oh why does the BBC not commission television programmes about Great Welsh Cafes? I hear that ITV Wales have stolen a march on the BBC (yet again) and are discovering information on such gems as National Milk Bars. Why, oh why, oh why does the BBC insist on spending my license fee on such drivel as Holby City when it could have made this important socio-historic documentary?

Gareth 'Taff' Davies-Hughes

Well, Taff, I have been in contact with those in the know at the BBC and they have given me the following statement: "Please do not mention ITV on this high quality BBC affiliated web site. Obviously, any program on the other side will be of a low and inferior quality to the programs we make. The BBC have to uphold a far higher standard and instead of socio-historic documentaries about Milk Bars, we will continue showing more programs in the style of Strictly Come Dancing and Bargain Hunt. I am sure you will agree that these programs are more intellectually challenging. "

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Soapy 'stenders

Dear Barry,

Being a Cockney from the East End of London - I would like the BBC to create some kind of Soap Opera based on my Kind - I was thinking "Cockney's who are from the East End of London" myself - What do you think ? You could show it on BBC1 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursdays and Friday (between say, 19.30 -> 20.30 depending on days) and show repeats at around 22:00 on BBC3 - Maybe show a complete set on Sunday Lunch times.

Knees 'Arp Mova Brairn
Regards A Moon

I have once again been in touch with my contacts at BBC and they have the following to say: "We are not sure a program such as this would ever take off - after all, who ever heard of such a thing as a 'soap opera'. However, we are willing to give it a go and we will either call it 'Eastenders' (ridiculous name, I know) or your excellent suggestion of 'Cockneys from the East End of London' which I personally think is much more catchy. We hope people will watch it."

News at some point

Dear Points of View,

I would like to make a suggest that the BBC are proactive in the following direction - A News Program, that starts between 17:55 and 18:05 - I dont know - my suggest would be to call it "The News that Starts between 17:55 and 18:05"

Jenny Bond

Well, Jenny, I have passed your comments on to the bigwigs in charge of the BBC and they have come up with the following statement: "Well done for being on the ball. We are currently looking into a current affairs or news show which starts between these times. The name we did have in mind for this program was 'The Six O Clock News', although we now think your suggestion is better. 'The News that Starts between 17:55 and 18:05' will be on your screens in the new season."

Monday, October 18, 2004

The real record breakers?

Dear Barry Took,

I was recently watching a program on BBC3 called "The Real Little Britain". It was quite enjoyable to laugh at the general commonness of people on it. Anyhow, the part I would like to compalin about is the man breaking world records. If these records are real, how come they are not on Steve's World Records page? Answer me that? Balancing eggs on the back of the hand? Fake. He was a cheat and fraud and he diminishes the achievements of all us true record breakers."

Yours angrily,

I have contacted BBC3 who have responded thus: "All records featured on 'The Real Little Britain' are contained in the Guinness Book of Records, which I understand is a different (and some would say inferior) record compendium to Steve's World Records. We in no way wish to diminish your amazing and super human records gained. Please accept our grovelling apologies."


Dear Barry Took,

Why oh why oh why oh why is Hi-de-hi not on our TV screens any longer. I recently was fortunate enough to receive a copy of the first two series on DVD from some odd (yet nice) fellow, and I had forgotten what high quality entertainment it is. It is so much better than the rubbish that is on today. Bring it back please.

Yours sincerely,

Well, John, I have been in touch with the BBC who have given this response: "You are mistaken. Hi-de-hi was in fact rubbish so we will not be bringing it back. "

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Its the Points of View page

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